1:1 Exercise

I teach a 1:1 Pilates based exercise programme. Working on a 1:1 basis provides you with a bespoke plan which is tailored to your individual needs and requirements for the best possible results. Pilates is a wonderful mind-body workout which focuses on breathing and relaxation, building up core strength and increasing flexibility. Pilates based exercise is structured to help prevent injury and the onset of stress related and repetitive movement problems,  which can be debilitating. 


The benefits

  • Improved flexibility
  • Longer and leaner muscles
  • Builds core strength in the deeper muscle groups
  • Improved posture and body awareness
  • A longer leaner body
  • Enhanced balance and focus
  • Improved breath control has many health benefits
  • Builds strength after rehabiliitation after injury or surgery
  • Helps to prevent injuries and work related injuries such as RSI


The Programme

Classes usually last 1.5 hours and consist of matwork, which can also be combined with massage or Reiki. I work in a very gentle way, focusing on all the basics for the first few sessions. Despite the fact that the exercises look very simple, they are deceptively difficult to master which is why I prefer to work slowly at the beginning. The results can be dramatic, especially with some home practice and clients always leave feeling taller and stronger.


Here are a few words from some of my 1;1 clients...

" When you spend most of your time either sitting at a desk or in a car, it's no surprise that our bodies suffer. When you also aspire to compete in your chosen sport at the highest level then the importance of keeping your body working efficiently is even more important. Thankfully, I was recommended to see Karon who has helped me tremendously. Her 1:1 coaching has helped me to improve my posture and strength and she continues to motivate me and drive me on to fulfil my ambitions. Without Karon, my targets would be so much further away!"



"My work as a professional Cellist has created several work related problems and Karon has enabled me to envisage a future without endless injury problems. Our Pilates sessions are stimulating, chellenging, great fun and leave me feeling buoyantly recharged with youthful energy and a feeling that I've grown three inches taller! Karons positive attitude is backed up by deep knowledge and a great understanding of the rigours and strains of professional performing life"

TK-Honor Oak


" As a musician, I have in the past, been susceptible to back problems and the Pilates exercises with Karon have built up my core strength so that I can support my back, especially under difficult working circumstances. Over the months, I have practiced regularly and my body has changed shape.I feel taller, more supple and so much more confident about the way I look"

RVT- Surrey