Massage Therapy


Stress, chronic back pain and related problems such as tension headaches account for the highest proportion of work related health problems in Britain today. Regular massage therapy can help.

Massage improves circulation, relaxes muscles, aids digestion and, by stimulating the lymphatic system, speeds up elimination of toxins. The physical benefits combined with the psychological benefits of feeling totally relaxed and  nurtured produces a release of endorphins.


The Benefits

  • Relaxing and revitalising
  • Stress levels reduced
  • Promotes a sense of calmness and well being
  • Can help to reduce joint pain
  • Improved postural appearance
  • Reduction of head, neck and back ache/pain
  • Improvement in a variety of conditions, such as anxiety, pmt, constipation, ibs etc


The Treatment

I work with a variety of different massage techniques, including Swedish Massage and accupressure. Reiki is usually incorporated into treatments which assists in channelling energy to activate and stimulate the body to detox, heal and rebalance. Each treatment is specifically tailored to your individual needs.


Japanese Facial Massage

This unique treatment developed in Japan where the ethos is based on the prevention of problems rather more than the curing of existing ones. In Japan, it is widely accepted that nothing is perfect. The belief is that beauty is more than skin deep and that in order to be beautiful, one must be healthy mentally,emotionally and physically.


The Benefits

Japanese Facial Massage can help to reduce and prevent lines, wrinkles and puffiness leading to the "natural facelift effect" The benefits can be seen immediately following treatment but for the best results, we recommend a course of 4-6 treatments at weekly intervals.


The Treatment

  • Working superficially, we can improve skin tone
  • A specific massage technique is used at a deeper level to affect muscle tone and general appearance
  • Meridian or pressure point therapy is applied which helps to balance the energy system and create a sense of well being
  • Lymphatic drainage massage completes the treatment, which aids the drainage of toxins, reducing water retention and puffiness


A selection of my client comments...

" Karon was recommended to me by my osteopath around twelve years ago. It may sound dramatic but Karon has changed my life. I have a stressful life and suffer from anxiety. I often arrive at Karons feeling tired and aching all over and within minutes of her Reiki treatment I am floating on a sea of peace and tranquility.The atmosphere in her treatment room is so relaxing,all worries disappear. I have had two frozen shoulders and lower back problems that Karons massage techniques and Reiki have greatly improved. Karon is the most genuine, caring person I know and I unreservedly recommend her massage and Reiki treatments."

CS, Beckenham


"As a professional ballet dancer and teacher I have had massages all my working life-almost 40 years of it! Karon gives the best massages I have ever had. What sets her apart is the time she gives to understanding my needs. She adjusts her teratments according to my requests which change due to my workload and stress levels, and also the season. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

YS, Beckenham


"Amazing-I arrive exhausted and leave floating..actually feel pounds lighter!!..don't know how that works! I recommend Karon to you!"

JS, Streatham


"I had debilitating lower back pain that was effecting my working life and sleep. Wthin a couple of sessions with Karon my discomfort was condiderably eased and completely gone after six weeks. I now see Karon once a week to ensure the pain doesn't return. I cannot recommend Karon highly enough."

SG Crystal Palace